C&A is yet another multinational to go down the sustainability path. The 2014 the Corporate Social Responsibility Report generated specific targets that C&A wants to attain in 2020. Some of them are listed here:

  • Sustainable lives for everyone
    Through dialogue, knowledge exchange and programmes to improve workers’ conditions, C&A wants to improve the lives of its employees and the inhabitants of the countries they do business with. This results in sustainability at work, in stores and online. ‘Save the Children’ and the ‘Mothers make the difference’ campaign are just a few examples here.
  • Sustainable products every day
    C&A’s 2020 target is to expand the use of organic cotton from 40 to 100%. But what does organic cotton mean? For starters, it has considerably less environmental impact. Its seeds are not genetically modified and are grown without pesticides or other synthetic inputs. The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, along with several other ngos, tries to make it easier for the fashion industry to go about their business in a more sustainable way. To make organic cotton mainstream, C&A won’t charge any extras to the customer. 
  • Sustainable supply everywhere
    C&A wants to work openly with its suppliers and production units all over the world, thereby helping these countries develop socially, economically and ecologically. One of the first to associate itself with the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord, C&A has also signed an action plan for sustainable chemicals. 2020 is once again the deadline to attain a zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. Partnerships with Partnership for Cleaner Textiles (PaCT) en Better Mill Initiative (BMI), for instance, contribute to improving water quality in Bangladesh and China.
  • Cradle to Cradle T-shirts
    In 2017, C&A launched a first series of Gold level Cradle to Cradle certified T-shirts.
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