Claudia Sträter

In 1970 Dutch women’s brand Claudia Sträter was founded by its namesake designer. The designs emerge in-house and are presented and exported from the Netherlands.

21 may 2015 was the start of the ‘Share your clothes’ shop in Amsterdam, the place to be for fans of the brand who want to sell or buy vintage Claudia Sträter clothes. Thus the luxury brand wants to promote the circular economy, rather than contributing to our current throw-away society. Clothes that haven’t made it to the counter by the end of the season are donated to women in Ukraine.

And what’s more: there’s the Claudia Sträter Foundation which supports Ukrainian women who live below the poverty line and women who are looking for a job, but which also invests in breast cancer research. The profits of the ‘Share your clothes’ shop go entirely to the Foundation.

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