Saint Basics

In addition to its existing, organic cotton-based collection, Dutch underwear brand Saint Basics launched a new collection in 2016 that was made from eucalyptus wood (Tencel®).Tencel® has plenty going for it, ecologically speaking: while traditional cotton production requires enormous amounts of both water and farming ground, eucalyptus does much better in these respects. In addition, no pesticides or artificial fertilizers are involved in the cultivation of eucalyptus. Saint Basics not only attaches importance to sustainable materials, its entire production chain has to be eco-friendly. This focus led to the brand’s shift to organic and GOTS-certified cotton for all its basics in 2009, guaranteeing a commitment, from all its partners (from cotton farmers to textile and dye producers to sewing shops and distributors), to GOTS-regulations regarding biological production, working conditions, fair wages and treatment of workers. The fact that transparency is key for Saint Basics is exemplified by their openness about their production chain as well as their blog posts, which detail the production of their underwear.

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