The Tripty Project

After the Rana Plaza disaster, Luke Swanson and Brooke McEver firmly decided to change course. They founded The Tripty Project, a Bangladesh-based brand committed to quality coats and bags made from locally produced and traditionally spun cotton. The fabric is painted with all-natural resources like fruits, plants and flowers. The factory processing the fabric to finished products employs female victims of the Rana Plaza collapse. They benefit from fair wages, childcare facilities and health care. And what’s more, their work environment is safe.

In addition to locally produced cotton, The Tripty Project works with leftovers from the pineapple harvest. The leaves are shredded and woven into a new fabric. Indigo and bark are the natural dyes for this reclaimed material. Leftover materials from the production process are, in turn, used to make paper. The perfect recipe for a zero waste production. Last but not least, the company also works with textile waste from factories, without adding chemicals or dyes.

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