Filippa K

The Swedish brand Filippa K has taken many steps to support sustainable consumption and design. A couple of years ago, the people behind the brand started to wonder what they could do to work more sustainably. These reflections led to the concept of ‘long lasting simplicity’: the focus had to be on clothing that lasts long, both in terms of quality and esthetics.

On the one hand, Filippa K wants to help their clients make the right choices, and on the other hand they are trying to set an example through circular designs that reduce the waste stream. These efforts resulted in various specific projects:

  • The Curated Wardrobe: this section of their online shop helps clients select timeless and high-quality pieces, as well as providing information on the maintenance of these items.
  • In 2008, the second-hand stores ‘Filippa K Second Hand’ were opened.
  • 2015 was the year ‘Frontrunners of Sustainable Fashion’ was launched. This small collection is limited to only one type of clothing (e.g. jerseys), which is researched thoroughly in order to work as sustainably as possible. The process tackles only one kind of clothing at a time to keep the full focus on the most sustainable solution. The ultimate goal is to have a sustainable production for every type of clothing in 2030.
  • The ‘Filippa K Lease’ (online) shops saw the light in 2015. They allow clients to rent clothes and thus help to avoid overconsumption. After the fashion shows, moreover, several catwalk looks are offered for rent online.
  • On top of this, the brand collects customers’ old Filippa K clothes via the Filippa K Collect project. Customers get a coupon in return, while their clothes get a second/third life, or are recycled and used to make new clothes.
  • To conclude, Filippa K attaches importance to informing their clients. They offer useful advice, for instance on maintenance.
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