Nervous System

Nervous System is Jessica Rosenkrantz’ and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg’s design studio ─ an artistic hub where art, technology and science meet. Rosenkrantz and Louis-Rosenberg get their inspiration from natural phenomena, which they translate into a digital design that they also fabricate digitally. The studio creates affordable jewelry, art and even household goods. Thanks to a special combination of form, function and clever design, the duo can keep their prices down.

Nervous System developed the ingenious Kinematics program, which combines origami-like folding techniques and 3D printing. The printer takes a body scan and produces a custom-made garment that is ready to wear. The surprising twist? Kinematics clothing is printed as a single folded piece in a compressed shape, which is only unfolded to its full size afterwards. The Kinematics Cloth App allows you to adapt the entire item to your personal liking, from style to fit. The end result feels just like real fabric and looks just like any normal piece of clothing.

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