Eline Van Ree

Eline Van Ree is a Belgian designer who is living and working in Barcelona at the moment. She derives her inspiration for her high-quality women’s clothing both from her Belgian roots and her Mediterranean home. The designer refuses to be rushed by the rhythm of the seasons, producing just one collection per year. This collection features only transitional clothing, so the pieces can be worn throughout the year. This is Van Ree’s way to put a halt to overconsumption and to promote slow fashion.

For her collections, Van Ree prefers to use leftovers from the textile industry. Because overproduction is unfortunately still in full swing in so many factories, Van Ree has plenty of choice when turning this surplus material into unique pieces of clothing. The production is completely Barcelona-based, so Van Ree can minimize pollution as well as transportation costs. What’s more, all designs are hand-printed in a small city studio that applies screen printing techniques and water-based dyes.

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