Kings of Indigo

Kings of Indigo is a Dutch denim label with a heart for nature. The brand is known for its jeans, which are hand-dyed with natural extracts of the Indigofera plant. The lion’s share of the collection is made from organic cotton and GOTS certified. In addition, the brand tends to use other sustainable resources like linen or Tencel, and respects REACH regulations regarding the use of chemicals throughout the production process.

Kings of Indigo gives high priority to recycling. First, old clothes are reused in new collections to cut down on water and chemicals. Second, the brand’s packaging is made from recycled or biodegradable material. Third, Kings of Indigo offers its clients the possibility to mend their own clothes, promoting a repair kit and repair events. 

Production-wise, King of Indigo also stays on the green track. The brand prohibits the use of sandblasting, relies on stonewash and ozone laundry systems, and uses laser beams instead of bleach. The entire production process can be consulted on their website. Kings of Indigo is a proud member of the Fair Wear Foundation, guaranteeing safe and fair working conditions for all its employees.

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