TOMS®’ motto is ‘One for One’. During his trip to Argentina, the American Blake Mycoskie was shocked by the number of village children he saw walking barefoot. Right then and there he decided to found his own company to help these kids. This is why the idea behind TOMS® is to give a pair of shoes to a child in need whenever someone buys new TOMS® shoes. This way, both TOMS and his clients are helping needy children. The brand is famous for its espadrille-like classics, but it also has many other goodies for children, men and women. What’s more, TOMS® supports the local economy in China, Ethiopia and Argentina by putting its production into the hands of those people it helps.

TOMS® shoes contain only vegan and sustainable materials like recycled polyester, natural hemp and organic cotton. Even the packaging is biological: it’s made from recycled waste. The shoe boxes are printed with biological soy ink. The brand sees to it that its suppliers ensure comfortable working conditions in their factories. Each supplier has to comply with TOMS® guidelines. In addition, the brand invests in the wellbeing of its employees through training sessions, proper working conditions and quality health insurance.

TOMS®’ success motivated Mycoskie to take the next step and found TOMS® Eyewear, which operates on the same ‘One for One’ principle. Yet donations are not limited to eyewear: optical surgery and medical care are also on offer. Since 2006, the brand has put shoes on the feet of 60 million poor children and helped 400.000 people to see things clearer.

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