Roche Rouge

Roche Rouge is Belgian brand with an extraordinary outlook on fashion. According to its founders, Ann Boogaerts and Alexander Kaller, the fashion industry is too fast-paced, which creates a throwaway society and encourages the fast fashion system. To counteract these tendencies, the brand produces embroidered fashion accessories to pimp your favorite clothes. This adds a touch of couture to any piece, which encourages its owner to take better and longer care of it. Roche Rouge also teams up with brands or companies with overstock, dressing these items up a little to make them attractive again.

Every Roche Rouge accessory is made from sustainable materials and according to cradle to cradle principles. The brand is all for local production, so it can reduce its ecological footprint and provide employment opportunities right around its corner. Lastly, Roche Rouge doesn’t follow the fashion seasons; rather, Boogaerts and Kaller believe in timeless quality pieces.

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