When Åke Nordin founded Fjällräven more than 50 years ago, the Swede had but one goal: to design a product that would make life easier for adventurers. Fjällräven’s first achievement was an innovative backpack, but the product range soon expanded to include clothing, tents, sleeping backs and other stuff to survive in the wild.

Fjällräven is synonymous with functional products and designs that last a lifetime. Inspired by Mother Nature, the brand is always on the lookout for innovative methods to create products that will survive any adventure. One of the company’s most important goals is to reduce their environmental impact: they try to use as little water, energy and chemicals as possible. Fjällräven doesn’t believe in fast fashion, but goes for quality and long life instead.

The company only collaborates with reliable manufacturers that respect Fjällräven’s code of conduct. For instance, in 2013 Fjällräven entered into a partnership with the Fair Labor Association to make sure all its employees would get fair wages and comfortable working conditions. In addition, the brand regularly organizes training sessions to keep its staff informed about sustainability. Everyone who works at Fjällräven is encouraged to enjoy nature and to test the products.

Fjällräven developed the tool The Fjällräven Way to guide consumers through the company’s sustainable vision. To keep everyone on the right track, they used a compass for a symbol. The N of the north symbolizes nature and the environment. The E of the east stands for economic and business processes, the southern S signifies social responsibility, while the western W represents the wellbeing of the employees, consumers and everyone involved in Fjällräven.

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