Thinking MU

The Barcelona-based clothing brand Thinking MU is inspired by craftsmanship, nature, the new world, humor and people in general. The brand makes clothes for both women and men, and also has a collection of bags. All of these products are made from organic cotton from India and Peru. More than half of them are in natural white; the rest is dyed with biodegradable pigments.

During the production process, Thinking MU wants to use as little water as possible -- a vision the brand tries to impose on all its partners by means of certificates. Thinking MU’s handmade products are respectfully produced by the company’s committed partners. From cutting and stitching the fabric, to producing the labels and price tags (from recycled material, by the way): everything happens in small, fair trade workshops.

To promote other sustainable initiatives, Thinking MU came up with People of the future. The platform showcases a wide range of small, authentic projects that want to contribute to a better world. Through their website, Thinking MU wants to inspire people and give a big thumbs-up to the driving forces behind these projects.

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