Sundried is on a mission to make elegant and ergonomic sportswear, using only the best material and the most innovative constructions. Because the company attaches so much importance to transparency, it gives its consumers easy access to the entire story behind any item. Every product gets a unique code that allows you to read all about its production process.

Sundried wants to produce quality clothing that is adventure-proof and that will last for ages. The love of nature, the environment and healthy living permeates the company’s entire culture. Sundried complies with strict Low Carbon Innovation Fund regulations to reduce CO2 emissions during every phase of the production, which is based in Europe.

Sundried tries to convince consumers to adopt an eco-attitude. Their slogan ‘Wash Cool, Sun Dry’, for instance, is meant to encourage people to waste less energy when they do the laundry. Moreover, for each purchase, Sundried makes a donation to the Water for Kids project. Clients get a code that allows them to track this donation and are encouraged to share the process on social media.

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