Wear a story

The Belgian designer Lauriane Milis wants her brand Wear a story to represent trendy women’s clothing that’s made as efficiently and as sustainably as possible. Her slogan, ‘One-off pieces made today with yesterday’, nicely sums up her vision. All of her items are unique and involve the upcycling of old textile. The clothes that Milis works with are no longer fit for the second-hand market, so if it wasn’t for her, they would end up on the waste pile. In other words: Wear a story keeps this textile in the loop. To guarantee their quality, Milis tends to add organic textile to her clothes.

During the design process, Milis avoids waste and surplus by using the available materials as efficiently as possible. That’s why her designs rework the entire item. These new clothes are named after women (meet Colette, Marcelle or Berthe) to give their owners a sense of their history. For each product, Milis mentions what it’s made of and all the places it has been before it ended up in your closet.

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