Maravillas Bags

Maravillas Bags is the brainchild of Christina Bussmann Otte, who got her degree in Fashion Design in Florence, the leather city par excellence. After she graduated, Bussmann Otte moved to Mallorca, the birthplace of the Spanish leather industry. Obviously, all these ‘leather links’ were no coincidence: Bussmann Otte had set her mind on founding her own bag label and on working with sustainable leather and other green materials. Maravillas Bags was born!

Bussmann Otte teams up with local Spanish factories that produce naturally tanned, chrome-free leather. While traditional tanneries tend to use chromium to tan their leather, these Spanish factories achieve the desired effect with all natural products like the roots, bark and leaves from olive trees, as well as oak and rhubarb. Maravillas Bags are one-of-a-kind pieces: first, because Bussmann Otte’s accessories are all handmade, and second, because every piece of leather ages differently and responds differently to light and touch.

In addition to her Leather Collection, Maravillas Bags also comprises a Vegan Ananas Colllection. The name of this second collection says it all: the bags are made from Piñatex™, a vegan alternative to leather that consists of fibers from pineapple leaves, a by-product of the pineapple harvest. No animals are harmed in the making of this material and Piñatex™ also drastically reduces post-harvest losses. Win win!

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