Jan 'n June

Jan ’n June, a German clothing brand, aims for complete transparency and an open communication about its production process. Living up to this commitment, founders Anna Bronowski and Jula Holtzheimer invented a special eco id for each piece of Jan ’n June clothing. This id details every stage of the item’s life before it ended up in the consumer’s closet. For instance, you find out who was responsible for the design, where the material was salvaged, who produced it, and so on.

Jan ’n June has every right to be proud of the road their items travel. For starters, the label only works with sustainable materials like organic cotton. That’s the green thing to do, because farmers need 93% less pesticides to grow organic cotton than conventional cotton. In addition, Jan ‘n June only uses cotton that is either GOTS or IVN best certified. Another material that’s quite popular with Jan ‘n June (and rightly so) is a somewhat lesser-known fabric called Micro Modal®. It’s made from beech trees – yup, you read that right – and completely CO2-neutral. Micro Modal® is harvested from sustainable forestry, requiring no irrigation.

Jan ’n June deserves a pat on the back for its production process as well: all of their clothes are manufactured in Poland, by a family-owned business with headquarters close to Bronowski and Holtzheimer, who regularly check in on their sole supplier. And because they limit themselves to just one supplier, complete transparency is perfectly possible.

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