Skunkfunk in three words? Those would have to be: ‘unique’, ‘creative’ and ‘urban’. Sustainability is high on this brand’s agenda – and that’s apparent right from the design phase. Though you would be hard-pressed to call Skunkfunk ‘unoriginal’, every single item is designed to outlast fashion trends, so its owner can enjoy it for a very long time.

Skunkfunk contributes to a greener future in terms of material selection too: recycled polyester, Lyocell, linen and organic cotton reign supreme. The latter fabric has a very special origin: Skunkfunk swears by Chetna cotton. The Chetna cooperative is located in Central India and teaches farmers how to produce natural pesticides and compost, to name just these initiatives. All Skunkfunk fabrics are GOTS certified.

Even Skunkfunk packaging is typically designed with sustainability in mind. For instance, the brand only uses bio plastics for its polybags and is committed to recycling all of their paper and cardboard waste.  

Lastly, Skunkfunk contributes to humane working conditions in all of its factories, visiting them regularly to see how they’re doing. In addition, every single one of its suppliers has to have a social certificate.

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