Goodsociety does more than making beautiful jeans. The German label has a very clear idea about what a ‘good society’ looks like – a vision that revolves around enjoying life and living sustainably. For Goodsociety, this all comes down to reinventing the clothing industry.

The label sets the example by only working with the best organic cotton available, which is GOTS certified. Goodsociety expects a sustainable production process from its partners in India, China and Turkey, while also stressing their partners’ ethical responsibilities to all of their employees.

After the raw materials are delivered, Goodsociety’s production process shifts to Italy, where the brand relies on local partners with whom it builds long-term, personal relationships. These partners go the extra mile to use as little chemicals as possible. Their water use is also reduced drastically, thanks to extensive recycling processes, among other things. 

Finally, Goodsociety feels that a ‘good society’ should be based on honesty. That’s why the label is very open about all aspects of its business, from production methods to pricing strategies. To make sure they can live up to their promise of transparency, Goodsociety is currently mapping all the materials they use (i.e. detailing where they got them and how they were processed).

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