Alina Schuerfeld

Alina Schürfeld is the face of, and the driving force behind, ALINASCHUERFELD. The brand promises its customers authentic, luxurious, socially and ecologically responsible shoes and bags.

Alina Schürfeld makes good on her promise in terms of material selection: for starters, her shoes and bags are made from chrome-free leather tanned with vegetables and rhubarb, among other things. Furthermore, Schürfeld works her magic using leather tanned with vegetable-, chrome-free or rhubarb-based substances and bio-certified salmon leather. Schürfeld got the brilliant idea to work with salmon leather when she realized she’d be able to put tons and tons of fish waste to good use.

And where does the magic happen? All these exotic materials are naturally tanned and transformed into ALINASCHUERFELD accessories in approved factories in Italy and Germany.

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