Muka Va

Muka Va is known for its interesting textures and comfy cuts. (It’s obviously no coincidence that the label owes its name to the Finnish word for comfortable, ‘mukava’.) This Finnish clothing label, which was founded in 2003, is all about purity.

While nothing typifies modern Scandinavian design like minimalism, Muka Va goes a little further than that. The designer duo Anna Mattelmäki and Emilia Kiialainen also translate ‘purity’ as ‘sustainability’ – without compromising on design, of course.

Muka Va’s typical purity starts with the selection of the resources. The label limits itself to natural fibers that last long and that are incredibly soft to the touch. Though these fibers are imported, the production is based entirely in the Finnish region of Pirkanmaa. The fabrics are woven in Orivesi, while the knitting takes place in Tampere. It comes as no surprise then that Muka Va is a proud member of the ‘DESIGN ON TAMPERE’ association, which wants to boost design and city culture in the region. Thanks to its local production, Muka Va can guarantee the best quality.

Fun fact: Mattelmäki and Kiialainen are always the very first to wear their own designs, because they want to make absolutely sure their clothes are as comfortable and sustainable as they were meant to be.

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