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Anne-Christin Bansleben, the driving force behind the German accessories and clothing label Deepmello, has a thing for rhubarb. And that’s great, because while traditional tanneries use the extremely toxic and environmentally damaging process of chrome tanning, Bansleben is devoted to a much gentler, innovative rhubarb-based tanning extract. Nice and perhaps unexpected side effects: Deepmello leather is as soft as cashmere, it smells unbelievable good, and it’s biodegradable, meaning it can easily return to nature. While Deepmello only uses rhubarb roots for tanning, the other parts of the plant don’t end up in the trash. Bansleben makes sure nothing goes to waste, transforming the rhubarb stalks into natural cosmetics called ‘red rhubarb’.

Deepmello produces all of its clothes and accessories locally – from smartphone cases and bracelets to jackets and ties. The rhubarb is grown in Bernburg, and the tanning and finishing are done elsewhere in Germany. It’s a nice change from the rhubarb pie our eastern neighbors are so proud of, right?

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