Judith Van Vliet

Dutch fashion designer Judith Van Vliet graduated in 2012 and launched her own label only two years later. Van Vliet is annoyed at our throw-away society and feels we’ve lost sight of the basics. While both consumers and the media are becoming more and more aware of the bad eggs among the manufacturing facilities, Van Vliet wants to draw attention to the raw materials, as that’s obviously where it all begins. Van Vliet believes that, if only people knew how much energy and effort it takes to turn raw materials into finished products, they would wear their clothes longer and take better care of them. With this idea in mind, Van Vliet designed her conceptual collection Raw Materials, which visualizes the process behind the pieces. For instance, in one silk silhouette, Van Vliet shows the silkworms’ cocoons and – as your eyes wander from the top to the bottom of the dress – lets them evolve into the actual fabric.

Van Vliet uses sustainable materials so she can guarantee the best quality. In addition, all her pieces are made in the Netherlands and cut out as efficiently as possible.

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