Collectif d'Anvers

The message of Cinderella was not lost on Collectif d’Anvers: if anyone knows about the importance of made-to-measure shoes, it’s them. That is why Natalie Van Lijsebettens and her team do their utmost to make sure their shoes are a perfect fit – be it pumps, platform shoes, stilettos or boots. How? By making a beech wood last of their future owners’ feet. Every step of the process, from pattern-drawing to leather-cutting, is done by hand. By allowing the client to personalize the design in terms of shoe shape, heel height, leather and finish, Collectif d’Anvers contributes to a sustainable fashion that lasts a lifetime and fits to perfection.
Moreover, Van Lijsebettens deliberately opts for sustainable materials, like organic sheep leather. For Schoenen Torfs, she designed an ankle boot that’s made from naturally tanned, chrome-free leather treated with natural wax. And thanks to a collaboration with Fémer, a French company that buys fish skins and uses an all-natural tanning process, Collectif d’Anvers has even managed to add fish leather shoes to their collection. From waste to wow, right?
Those who love bags are also in for a treat: Collectif d’Anvers is serious about its craft. Van Lijsebettens makes her accessories with all the love, care and attention to detail her brand is famous for.

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