Swedish Stockings

Each and every year some two milliard pairs of pantyhose are produced and most of them are worn only once before they’re thrown in the trash. Quite a shock, right. Swedish Stockings thought so too. That’s why the brand decided to take the lead in producing environmentally friendly and sustainable nylon stockings and pantyhose made from recycled nylon. The label is all about eco-friendly dyes, water treatment, and using solar energy during the production process.

In its zero waste factories, Swedish Stockings turns 90-98% recycled yarn into comfy stockings. The brand is continually on the lookout for cleaner production methods, reusing water, reducing its CO2 emission and recycling its waste. And the numbers are impressive indeed: Swedish Stockings uses 87,6% less energy than conventional nylon producers and saves 18 m3 of water per ton of yarn.

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