back i-did Slow Fashion Movement

Though its experimental name rather resembles a flat line, i-did_slow fashion_movement likes all things circular – and that includes fashion. The Dutch label adopts a circular approach to the production of its handbags, wallets and bags, upcycling and recycling textile waste (clothes and fabrics that consumers and businesses have discarded), while also taking up its social responsibility: all i-did products are manufactured by people with limited chances in the labour market.

i-did is totally into felt, a high-quality material that proudly wears the marks of previous use. Yet if i-did’s story ended right there, the circle would obviously not be complete. That’s why the label makes sure that every component they use is, in turn, recyclable. The brand’s favourite material, felt, is completely circular to begin with, while all the haberdasheries – from zippers to buttons and rings – are plastic to avoid extra steps in the recycling process. Done with your i-did piece? Simply dump it in a clothing recycling bin, so it can be used for new products, and everything can come full circle.

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