Though there’s obviously something masculine about the brand name, Olderbrother is actually known for its unisex clothing. Its contemporary designs are typically inspired by nature, and the label is eager to do something in return. Hence its Slow Fashion, about which they communicate as transparently and as openly as possible.

Olderbrother works only with environmentally friendly materials, from recyclable, plant-based synthetics to organic fabrics which are carefully selected for their quality, small ecological footprint and social impact. The Olderbrother pieces are cut, sewn and dyed in sunny Los Angeles. And when we say ‘dyed’, we mean ‘hand-dyed’ using natural pigments like madder root and oak galls. As a result, every piece of clothing is unique and completely free of heavy metals, salts and toxins. And if it’s worn to a thread, simply bury it in your backyard to decompose.

One of Olderbrother’s most important partners, the Sustainable Cotton Project, unites local farmers who grow their cotton organically out of respect for the region’s land, air and water reserves (contrary to traditional cotton farmers, who tend to spray their crops with dozens of poisonous chemicals). The result of this joint effort is Cleaner Cotton, an organic and high-quality cotton fibre.

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