Founder and creative director Nupur Goenka is the beating heart of AISH. She graduated from NYU and, inspired by her love for textiles, founded her own label in 2011. Enter AISH. Born and raised in India, Nupur spent her early years in a dynamic community, living together with a large Indian family. These circumstances encouraged her to be inventive, to make the most of the few resources she had, and to find a quiet contentment independent of her individual identity.

AISH teamed up with India’s textile community, where entire families typically collaborate on the same stretch of fabric and where nobody wants to take credit for the work. These crafts(wo)men combine skills like dyeing, weaving and embroidery to create fine, handmade luxury goods such as silken, woollen and cotton scarves and clothes. AISH is proud of its heritage, using the old Indian jamdani, ikat and kantha weaving techniques to help preserve them.

AISH clothes have become popular all over the world: they found their way into various cultures, from Bombay to New York, from Colombo and California to Tokyo. So it comes as no surprise that AISH scarves have already been featured in leading publications like Vogue, Elle, Nylon and WWD.

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