Designer Jaclyn Hodes launched AWAVEAWAKE in 2012, in the hope of starting a conversation about ethical fashion and conscious sourcing. As a practicing Kundaline yogi, Hodes has high hopes for another kind of fashion world, one in which every player is fully aware of the industry’s impact on the environment and the economy.

Every AWAVEAWAKE item is made from ethically sourced fabrics, including silk, organic cotton and even bamboo, and dyed with natural, plant-based dyes like hemp. All steps in the production process have been given careful consideration, with an eye to their long-term environmental and social impact.

The result is a brand that manages to combine functionality and beauty: AWAVEAWAKE guarantees comfortable clothing that’s both elegant and modest, while simultaneously embracing female sensuality. One thing’s for sure: AWAVEAWAKE shows that there’s really no reason why luxurious clothing should have a large ecological footprint!

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