Dolores Haze

New York City is Dolores Haze’s playground. The brand, which makes women’s clothing, takes its social and ecological responsibility seriously: it turns eco-friendly materials into limited edition pieces, using environmentally friendly production methods to reduce its ecological footprint. Take Haze’s last collection, for instance, which was digitally printed to prevent the use of chemicals, and to avoid wasting electricity and fabric.

The brand collaborates with factories run by immigrant women and sources its fabrics from small business owners who came to New York from Third World countries. By being so adamant about local production, Dolores Haze not only supports the American economy, but also encourages the upward social mobility of her immigrant partners, reduces CO2 emissions and guarantees honest working conditions. In addition, the close-to-home production process allows Dolores Haze to regularly check up on the safety of the factory workers.

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