Miakoda was founded by two sisters, Julia and Laura Ahrens, in 2013. The brand creates modern sportswear for women who want to dress comfortably without compromising on elegance or femininity. The clothes are produced in a small factory in Brooklyn, using sustainable, biological materials like organic cotton and vegan fabrics. Thanks to their timeless design, they are a perfect choice for every season.

Miakoda is an avid defender of triconsciousness, wanting to take good care of animals, humans as well as Mother Earth. The brand, which refuses to prioritize design over ecology, proves that sustainability can look quite sexy and that compassion and fashion are not mutually exclusive. The materials used by Miakoda aren’t just environmentally friendly either: they represent the future. So whoever wears Miakado becomes a part of a fashion revolution. It’s like Gandhi said: “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

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