The Belgian brand WEHVE stands for handwoven and handknitted accessories that combine traditional craftsmanship (and the expertise and quality that go with it) with contemporary styling. WEHVE in a nutshell? That would be ‘beauty’, ‘style’, ‘awareness’ … and ‘Merino wool’, obviously, because the brand uses nothing but this superior material, which it sources from Uruguay.

The connection between Belgium and Uruguay was established by WEHVE founder Gesine Holschuh, who has always been passionate about beautiful materials and handmade clothes. On a trip through South-America, she was inspired by the weaving collectives she visited in several villages. She began selecting a few artists whom she believed would be able to adapt their traditional skills to a more ‘European’ style. WEHVE wants to preserve this ancient knowledge by applying their traditions and techniques to classic and elegant designs for a modern, western audience. When Holschuh’s friend and designer Marine Halna du Fret got on board, the WEHVE team was complete.

In the meantime, WEHVE has become a market leader in sustainable and ethical fashion, while Holschuh made it to the board of Fair Trade International. It should come as no surprise, then, that WEHVE operates according to established global Fairtrade principles throughout its production process, which takes place in Uruguay and provides employment to local women’s cooperatives.

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