Arc'teryx, which designs super sturdy, sustainable and timeless outdoor wear, was born and bred in Canada. The company was founded back in 1989 at the foot of the North Shore Mountains by local mountaineers, providing a thinktank-slash-playground for active designers, material experts, pattern makers and product developers.

Arc’teryx is convinced that a close collaboration with factories and suppliers is the only way to safeguard both quality and integrity. This means that the brand expects its production partners to be socially committed, regularly auditing them to ensure that their products are manufactured responsibly and ethically.

Arc'teryx contributes to society in other ways too, by teaming up with local organizations that develop conservation areas and other shared resources. ‘The Bird’s Nest Project’ is just one of the many environmental initiatives that have come out of such collaborations. Arc'teryx not only wants to reduce its ecological footprint by participating in these projects, but also by opting for environmentally friendly materials. Unsurprisingly, superior products require superior resources (read: biological materials that are responsibly sourced).

Closed-loop thinking is integral to every Arc'teryx design. Among other things, this means that the brand offers an after-sales service to help clients maintain their clothes and get the most out of them. This way, Arc'teryx wants to make sure their products remain waterproof, to name just one example.

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