Gudrun & Gudrun

Gudrun & Gudrun is a knitwear brand that specializes in hand-knitting and that has a soft spot (pun intended) for very strokeable wool that requires little washing (and no high-temperature washes at all, for that matter), doesn’t wrinkle easily and is generally low-maintenance. Their collections are knitted by women on the Faroe Islands, in Jordan and Peru. Eager to do something in return, Gudrun & Gudrun has launched a women’s empowerment project in Jordan. Their philosophy is that emancipation starts with the possibility to earn your own income.

Gudrun & Gudrun’s bestsellers are their classic sweaters made from 100% biological, untreated and undyed Faroese wool. The Faroese sheep that shed their jackets for these jumpers graze on unfertilized and chemical-free pasture all year round. In addition, the Faroese lambskins that are used in the production process are waste products, because the sheep are actually kept for their meat. In other words: no animals are slaughtered for Gudrun & Gudrun items. The same principle of salvaging is applied to their latest accessories line, which is made from fish leather, another waste product.

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