Finisterre was founded in 2003 by Tom Kay. This self-proclaimed sea geek has a passion for foaming, salty water, and he wants to pass it on via his brand – via socks and wetsuits, via outerwear and underwear. The brand’s mission? Creating sustainable and innovative products with little to no impact on the environment.

An ethical and traceable design philosophy is at the heart of Finisterre’s story. And, thanks to I-spy, the brand can communicate openly about it too. This tool keeps track of all the stages that its products go through, from design to sales.

Finisterre’s production phase is all about optimization and responsible sourcing. For instance, the brand works with fabrics that are produced in Europe – in factories in the north of the United Kingdom, to be precise. These partners rely on experienced craftsmen to turn recycled polyester into fabric and to create 100% recyclable fibers. In addition, Finisterre is totally into organic cotton, as exemplified by its so-called ‘Bowmont project’. For this initiative, the brand teamed up with the only breeder of Bowmont sheep in the UK, to ensure that this breed and its sustainable, high-quality and precious wool will remain available in England. Finally, not only Finisterre’s resources come from the UK; the production itself is also local.

After the clothes are sold, Finisterre does not simply pass the responsibility for their maintenance on to their new owners. All Finisterre items come with a lifelong quality warranty: instead of throwing them away, customers can easily have them repaired. It’s quite obvious that Finisterre is not so keen on our throwaway society…

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