Flint & Tinder / Huckberry

Jake Bronstein founded his label Flint & Tinder for the simple reason that he couldn’t find underwear that was both locally produced and of good quality. He kicked his brand into gear with the help of a crowdfunding campaign and soon expanded his creative horizon to include other items, like the 10-Year Hoodie (which comes with a ten-year warranty), T-shirts, tops and jeans.

Flint & Tinder was recently acquired by an American men’s retailer, Huckberry, but that didn’t stop them from following their beliefs, which boil down to: working with local quality products, making sure that quality is retained even after frequent washing, and guaranteeing the highest level of comfort. To make this happen, the brand uses California-grown Supima cotton. Supima refers to ‘superior Pima’, one of the finest cotton species in the world. The cotton is harvested, knitted and dyed in the southeast of the United States, while the cutting, sewing and finished is done in Los Angeles.

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