Slow Works

Slow Works is led by two designers. Fashion designer Benthe Boesen believes that less is more and applies this principle to simple designs for people who share her vision, while graphic designer Troels Schwarz is all about basic, creative concepts that leave a lasting impression. The duo wants to slow down and regain control of their time, because it’s only when things stop spinning so fast that we can begin to understand and consider our environment. This approach is diametrically opposed to our society’s obsession with doing things ever faster and with striving for unattainable ideals. 

Staying true to their vision, the designer duo moved to a small community where the products are made locally and by hand, and designed with an eye to longevity. The designers and craftsmen use natural products and natural dyes, like indigo. Some of Slow Works’ current faves are Merino wool and cotton. Slow Works quilts, stitches, prints and hand-dyes their fabrics in their own backyard, taking all the time they need rather than being ruled by the clock.

Lastly, Slow Works is very transparent about their production process. The company wants to take the customer along on the journey that their products make, hoping to make him see that he doesn’t just buy an item, but something that has taken hundreds of hours to make (and just as many hours of experimentation and failure).

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