Somewhere around 2013, Kasper Eis, founder of the Danish clothing brand AMOV, suddenly realized he wasn’t interested in doing ‘business’ anymore – he wanted to start doing ‘the right thing’ instead. For him, this meant maintaining a healthy work-life balance and working sustainably and responsibly. The name of his clothing brand, which eventually took off in 2015, reflects Eis’ intentions and was inspired by the Albert Einstein quote “Try not to become a man of success, but rather A Man Of Value”.

AMOV wants to change the fashion industry from within, by launching collections that cause as little harm to the environment as possible, or even positively affect it. AMOV in a nutshell? The brand stands for biological and sustainable materials, an innovative recycling system and ‘giving back’, which means that they give one dollar to a good cause for every dollar earned.

To ensure a minimal environmental impact, AMOV complies with several strict guidelines. The brand uses GOTS certified fabrics, commits itself to a responsible production process, and designs for long life. The label also offers free repair kits to inspire its customers to fix their clothes instead of throwing them away at the first sign of wear. In addition, each AMOV item is marked with a ‘generation identifier’, which corresponds to the AMOV-year of production. The idea is to encourage customers to enjoy their clothes for as long as possible, as they come to represent personal experiences.

Even customers who grow tired of their AMOV piece are not left in the lurch. AMOV has set up an online platform where customers can sell their used clothes. To facilitate this process, the brand provides every item with a unique code that allows the buyer to look up more information about the production process and previous ownership. In this way, AMOV wants to create a network where people can easily exchange used clothing.

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