VIGGA is an avid supporter of the circular economy. The brand adapts this concept to the textile industry to solve a common problem for young parents, namely the fact that babies can only wear their clothes a couple of times before they need a bigger size. VIGGA’s product-service-system enables parents to lease kids’ clothes, so those cute pieces can make more little ones happy and don’t end up gathering dust.

VIGGA customers receive a monthly package of kids’ clothes. When these become too small, they can simply be sent back to VIGGA, which provides a package with larger-sized clothes in return. The brand uses environmentally friendly textile cleaning processes to get the clothes back in shape for their next wearer, and repairs them if necessary. Test results show that the pieces can be used five to seven times on average. VIGGA’s subscription model, which reuses clothes rather than encouraging parents to buy new ones every few months, saves thousands of liters of water each year.

What’s more, a VIGGA package does not just contain any kind of baby clothes. All of the pieces are made from organic fabric and designed with a circular business model in mind. VIGGA strictly monitors the quality of its products to make sure as many kids as possible can enjoy them. The brand even teamed up with Design School Kolding to extend the life of their clothes. When an item is in too bad a shape to be passed on to another customer, it is carefully recycled.

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