Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric

Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric (quite a mouthful, right?) is a collaboration between the Adidas Group and AMSilk. Adidas is no newbie to the sustainability game, having launched initiatives to reduce its ecological footprint before, both in terms of material selection and production processes. AMSilk, in turn, is the first industrial supplier of synthetic silk biopolymers. A match made in heaven!

The result of this partnership – the Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric – is a sneaker made from Biosteel® fibers. Biosteel® is a replication of natural silk that does not need high production temperatures, thus drastically cutting fossil fuel burning. And as if that was not enough, Biosteel® is biodegradable. If you put your Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric in water and add a certain enzyme, it dissolves completely – well, almost completely: the sole will be the sole (pun intended!) survivor of this natural process.


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