Pure Waste Textiles

Pure Waste Textiles makes 100% recyclable yarns and fabrics. The company set itself the ambitious target of using only materials that would otherwise go to waste. This means that all of its products are made from clothing manufacturers’ textile surplus and waste.

Pure Waste Textiles sorts this textile waste by color and then refibers it and spins it into new yarn. The organization focuses on cotton. Interestingly, this fabric is the most used, yet at the same time the least recycled fabric. In addition, growing cotton requires large amounts of water. Using recycled cotton, Pure Waste Textiles saves over 11.000 liters of water for each kilogram of cotton.

To guarantee a sustainable approach throughout every aspect of its business, Pure Waste Textiles closely monitors its resources, the recycling process and the production chain. The brand does not use intermediaries and steers clear of seasonal materials for the exact same reason. It focuses on basic items instead.

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