Froy & Dind

Adinda and Froya do not want to fail future generations. That’s why they keep the environmental footprint of their collections to an absolute minimum. Froy & Dind’s products range from post cards to children’s clothing – and every one of these items is sustainably produced.

The ways in which Froy & Dind do sustainability are as diverse as the products they proudly put on the market. Their paper goods, for instance, are not only made from recycled paper, but locally produced as well, thus drastically reducing transportation emissions.

When it comes to clothing, Froy & Dind opts for GOTS certified organic cotton that meets the most stringent environmental requirements. The cotton production takes place in Turkey and is chemical-free. From seed to harvest, Froy & Dind keeps a watchful eye on its cotton plants. Lastly, the brand tries to ban synthetic fibers from its collections by resorting to bamboo. Bamboo plants can be harvested no less than thrice a year, and they don’t need ‘encouragement’ from pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

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