Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Knowledge Cotton Apparel does not beat around the bush. This Danish brand has set itself three very clear goals for 2020. First, recycling more than 4,5 million PET bottles. Second, saving the planet from 800.000 liters of chemicals and pesticides. And third, reducing its CO2 emissions to a stunning 0%. An ambitious plan, to say the least.

Let’s start with those PET bottles, which Knowledge Cotton Apparel fishes out of the oceans and turns into polyester thread. The resulting polyester is much more sustainable than its traditional counterpart. Moreover, 80% less CO2 gets released during its production. Fun fact: it takes 25 discarded PET bottles to make one Knowledge Cotton Apparel coat.

When it comes to the second goal, it’s organic cotton to the rescue. The cultivation of this type of cotton requires neither chemicals nor pesticides. That’s why Knowledge Cotton Apparel T-shirts are not only kinder to the environment; they are better for the wearer’s health as well. After all, the harmful chemicals involved in the production of regular cotton linger in the clothes that are made from this material. Food for thought, right?

The brand wants to achieve its third and last goal by producing its clothes in factories powered completely by renewable energy. For Knowledge Cotton Apparel, the pleasure is not only in attaining their goals, but also – and perhaps, especially – in the challenges leading up to these achievements.

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