caroline biss

caroline biss is synonymous with stylish, high-quality women’s fashion that exudes a timeless elegance. The brand markets its clothes under its own name and has its own stores, but also produces garments for several other Belgian and international labels.

As a true family company, caroline biss thinks it’s only natural to make ethical choices. The label pushes for good working conditions for everyone, and only collaborates with socially and ecologically responsible partners and suppliers.

caroline biss not only respects humans, but also has a heart for the environment. That’s why the label mapped its entire chain during a sustainability trajectory with Flanders DC. Step by step, the company set out the risks and opportunities involved in sustainable supply chain management. caroline biss’ idea is to greenify the entire chain in the near future, so it can position itself as a sustainable brand.

For instance, caroline biss wants to design as sustainably as possible, reducing waste to an absolute minimum and creating pieces that last a lifetime. Moreover, the brand only uses non-toxic materials and is actively looking for circular packaging material. caroline biss intends to even further reduce its carbon footprint by putting environmental management centre stage throughout the chain and by investing in sustainable stores and sites.

caroline biss’ marketing strategy is a testimony to its sustainability efforts. ‘Going green’ is a real USP: the brand reports on its initiatives and gives them an extra push by consistently opting for environmentally friendly merchandising.

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