Hund Hund

Hund Hund sounds German – selbstverständlich! – and the label is indeed based in Berlin, but its roots are in India, where co-founder Isabel Kücke did hand embroidery for European clients. During her time there, she met Rohan Michael Hoole and it became painfully clear to her that the fashion industry is all too often responsible for environmental damage and the exploitation of third-world workers. Something had to change! Enter Hund Hund, which produces women’s and men’s wear in Europe, using sustainable materials such as Tencel®.

And Hund Hund does not settle for materials that are ‘just’ green either: the quality of the fabrics is closely monitored as well, to make sure the garments last a long time. Kücke’s minimalist and timeless designs add to their longevity. The pieces can be worn for years and will still look stylish.

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