Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman, whose label bears her own name, has a thing for colours and sustainability. The American designer selects the materials for her women’s fashion line with the utmost care, which results in the use of natural, recycled and organic fabrics. Hemp, linen, Tencel® and organic cotton, for instance, are real Hoffman favourites. It goes without saying that Hoffman doesn’t ruin her sustainability efforts in this area by randomly selecting her packaging material. Quite the contrary! She wraps her swimwear in biodegradable plastic, uses recycled paper for her tags and prints them with soy-based ink.

The brand’s sustainability strategy also results in regular factory visits to ensure safe working conditions and to make certain that no fabric or water is wasted. For this same reason, the label has transitioned the majority of its prints to digital printing, allowing for smaller runs and reducing the number of wash cycles.

Lastly, Hoffman treats her customers to washing instructions and other tips to get the most out of their wardrobe. She also encourages them to give a new life to clothes they’re ready to let go of. The brand has implemented a take-back system and directs customers to initiatives such as swapping and donating.

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