Solve Apparel

Solve Apparel, a Romanian-Danish design studio, puts great stock in innovation. Take the multifunctional OMDANNE collection, for instance, which is made entirely of Tencel® and which comes with ‘instruction gifs’ teaching the customer how to wear each piece in at least five different ways. This concept of co-creation not only heightens the owner’s emotional involvement, but also makes sure the collection can be worn for a long, long time. After all, you can create no less than thirty styles with only three items! In the (unlikely) event someone does get tired of their outfit, they can just return it to nature, because all the OMDANNE pieces are biodegradable.

Solve Apparel founder Cristina Dan and her team use design thinking, new technologies, biomimicry and circular economy principles to make sure their accessories and clothes are as sustainable as they can be. During consultancy sessions, they encourage other companies to go green as well.

There are six design principles Solve Apparel swears by, and all of them revolve around the value a customer attaches to an item. That’s why the brand designs for longevity and keeps the wearer interested and emotionally invested. The S-bags, for instance, are downloadable: the customer can have them laser cut from left-over fabrics she has lying around the house.

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