Wolk Antwerp

The founders of Wolk, an Antwerp-based fashion brand, earned their spurs in the outdoor clothing sector, where the design process is dominated by performance and functionality. They decided to apply the same principles to daily wear, and to make clothes for everyday life with the innovative materials that are so typical for outdoor clothing. Wolk (and its timeless men’s wear) was born!

The men behind Wolk are passionate about textile, and if they can’t find the fabric they have in mind, they just create it themselves. The Wolk team only works with ethically and socially responsible materials that are produced using an absolute minimum of chemicals. Their T-shirts and shirts are made from Merino wool, Linen or Tencel®, and have corozo nut buttons. In addition, Wolk prefers European materials and producers – the latter mainly small to middle-sized family companies that the brand has a close relationship with.

Wolk Antwerp does not haphazardly design its collections either. They carefully listen to the needs of the market to make sure there will be an audience for what they create. They communicate openly about their price, which they can keep down by selling directly to their customers, bypassing sales representatives, retailers and distributers.

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