EDUN – ‘nude’ spelled backwards – saw the light in 2005, when Ali Hawson and her husband Bono (yep, we’re talking about the U2 front man) decided to do something to help boost the African market and to create employment opportunities for local craftsmen and women. Their vision can be aptly summarised as ‘trade, not aid’.

This not only means that the brand sources sustainably in Africa, but also that it joins forces with local workers and communities for the production of its clothes and accessories.

Recycled fabrics are obviously more than welcome, but EDUN – which counts Better Cotton Initiative among its partners – puts special emphasis on organic materials. Its product offer ranges from oversized merino wool sweaters to vegan handbags made from pineapple leather with a recycled wood handle. Their web shop lists the country of origin for each item (beware, you may get the travel bug from browsing!).

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