Thanks to Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur, the men behind RE/DONE, you no longer have to scour the web to find the perfect vintage denim and then to find a tailor to modernise the fit. RE/DONE repurposes old Levi’s denim – which, like a fine wine, only gets better with age – as the fabric of new jeans.

The label sources its main ingredient all over the US, sorting through piles and piles of Levi’s looking for interesting parts to redo. Signs of wear, like paint splatters and frayed pocket linings, are what the brand is after. The selected jeans are taken apart by hand and transformed into modern fits. RE/DONE’s approach guarantees that every item is unique. It is subsequently posted online for customers to fall in love with.

The production process takes place in Los Angeles, and RE/DONE tries to use as little water as possible. Harmful chemicals are a no-no (duh!).

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