Wool & The Gang

Wool & The Gang is in love with (take a guess) … wool! Founders Aurelie Popper, Jade Harwood, Elisabeth Sabrier and Lisa Rodwell are totally convinced of the healing powers of knitting: it helps you relax, focus, feel creative and destress. In short: knitting is the new yoga, according to the members of The Gang, who obviously weren’t content to fill their webshop with ready-made wool sweaters, blankets, bags, socks or scarves. Instead, they sell patterns and yarn that customers can use to make their own stuff. The Wool & The Gang site is loaded with tutorials to make sure knitters of all levels feel right at home, from newbies to more advanced crafters.

Wool & The Gang’s yarn is sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable. In addition, the brand helps other companies get rid of their waste by transforming it into yarn. Lastly, Tencel® and raffia are also among the sustainable material options offered by Wool & The Gang.

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